Hard Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome Plating is Our Main Process Which Has Brought Us Customers from Many Industries Including, Aerospace, Agriculture, Defense, Fastener, Medical, Metal Manufacturing and Oil Service.  V&M Aerospace Has Been Meeting Customers Needs for 65 Years.

Benefits of Hard Chrome

Hard chrome plating provides the hardness, and the corrosion and wear resistance needed for many components subjected to dynamic and environmental forces. Hard chrome plated parts will outperform unplated parts 2 to 10 times in usage. This provides significant savings in replacement costs, time and labor. Parts subject to friction, corrosion, galling, seizing, or high temperatures will benefit from hard chrome plating.

Protecting the Environment

V&M Aerospace adheres to EPA standards. We know it’s essential to our customers to work with responsible, well-managed companies which adhere to EPA standards. V&M is one of the leaders in this movement; since 1978, V&M has operated a closed loop waste system for water usage. None of the water used in processing goes to the sewer; the water is contained and reused. The small amount of waste generated over time is removed to a government approved waste site. Our air pollution controls are state-of-the-art. V&M has passed every facility inspection and are in full compliance with all local, state and federal EPA regulations.

We Pledge

Our goal is to treat you as we would like to be treated by our suppliers.  We understand what our customers want:  Consistent quality, courteous service, short turnaround times, and on-time delivery– all at a competitive price.  Our orders have a 7 to 10 day lead time.  V&M’s experienced staff works closely with customers to help meet specifications and deadlines within budget.  This is what V&M Aerospace has been giving its customers for 65 years!

V&M Aerospace is part of Novaria Group, a cohesive family of precision component companies, that consistently delivers optimum performance and sustainable growth within the aerospace and defense marketplace.